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T-ComTech Remote Desktop Help

If for some reason you can't get to us & you require help with your computer, then we can connect remotely to your machine over the internet.
This will allow us to take over your mouse & resolve your problem for you, while you sit back & watch.
It's completely safe & you can see every thing being done on your screen, with the option to terminate the connection @ any time......

If you would like this help then you can click on the                                       Link below to download the software needed for us to make the connection, you can uninstall this again after the session is done, but if you feel you might need further help then we suggest you leave it installed .


You have full control of the connection we can't access your computer or start the connection without your I.D number & password, which your computer will generate automatically when you start the program.
A new password is generated for each session for security, and then you will have to contact us in order to give us your I.D number & password.


Desktop Software Download

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